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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chubi's Death

I want to cry. I want to cry so bad because my sister's sugar glider died. It wasn't supposed to affect me to begin with, but I am just so fucking angry with the way the owners took care of it. My sister co-owned it with her girlfriend's cousin, and both of them fed the little thing all sorts of forbidden food. Things like fried chicken, pizza, bread etc.

But, what started it all was when it got to sponge cake. It wasn't supposed to eat it in the first place, but they were relieved when it diarrhoea the food out. But, problems started happening after that. The little thing grew weak, pale, brownish. The light from its eyes dimmed, and the fur became mangy.

And when it "died", we had just fed it vitamins recommended by the vet. My mum and I suggested to let it rest in the cage for one night to confirm its death, as we grew suspicious when we tried closing its eyes and it opened back up slowly.

There was a chance that it was still alive, that it fainted. But, my sister claimed it was dead as she did not felt a heartbeat. WTF. Even the vets needs equipment to listen to the heartbeat and you can just listen to it with your touch?

And furthermore, she even has the audacity to even go hunt for another sugar glider after that. WTF.

Lastly, I ultimately hate the cousin for putting my sister through such suffering, and for not taking an animal's life seriously.

tO b3 conTinu3d..